These quotes represent a few of the many positive reviews that I have received. I don’t pay anyone to provide their review and they are all made voluntarily. Some people’s experience receiving therapy might be different. If you would like to add review, please write your review below or send your review to Thank you.

Facebook reviews:

“There was a time when I was struggling with anger management issues to the point it caused great pain within the family. I had tried therapy before but felt I wasn’t listened too at all. I did many sessions with Klara and every step felt progressive towards a end goal. I was able to see from multiple viewpoints of my actions and subsequently affects on others around me and this really did help me be in control. The sessions are always focused and calm. I almost felt like I was talking to my inner self. No jugement and a safe place. I could go on and on, but I would suggest you try the services out and then you’ll see how they are far above the norm of what most psychotherapists are able to achieve.” Malav

“Klara was recommended from my friend in a moment when I didn’t know anymore what to do with my strong anxiety attacks. After a few sessions she helped me to see the concrete problems. We are still working on them together but I feel much better. I am always looking forward to having our session.” Vanda

“Klara really helped me to see different perspectives of my life and we work towards my life goal. Satisfactory service. Thank you Klara” – Anonym May 2021

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