Fees and Sessions

I charge £50 per 50 min session


Thinking about booking a session?

If a client is unsure, I can offer  15 minutes an initial phone consultation free of charge. During the initial session, I will assess the nature of the client’s difficulties, evaluate the possibility of achieving success via therapy, evaluate his own ability and skills to deal with a presenting issue, and answer any questions.

Please note, I do not work with couples and children.

Sessions are usually held on a weekly basis, at the same time each week.


The payment is due at the end of the first session in cash or the client might be ask to made the payment before the session via PayPal. However, to confirm the following session, the client might be ask to made the payment on the day of booking via cash or PayPal.


Please let me know as soon as possible if you are not able to attend a session so there is enough time to fill the slot with other clients who are in need.


There is no refund.

When a client attends  an initial consultation and if either from his or from KVTherapy site the therapy will not continue there is not refund.

There is not refund when KVTherapy decides that the offered service is not suitable /anymore/ for the client at any point during the therapy.

There is not refund when after some sessions a client doesn’t feel any change or improvement. The therapy progress depends on client’s involvement, willing to make changes, doing extra work out of the therapy, getting help from outside, thinking about what was said during sessions, being ready to deal with the issue and the timing for the change to happen must be right too.

Please note that the same policy above applies to online counselling as well.

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